[ why is dating so hard ]

why is dating so hard : What does ones legend hint say regarding your internet dating model?

But since I haven’t stopped doing it so far, it must help keep me sane in isolation. So until the situation changes, I’ll be like Billy Idol, oh oh, dancing with myself.

Away with plastic, here with alternative packaging! Yes, apparently the Federal Environment Ministry has succeeded in taking a step forward and banning plastic packaging as far as possible. Or something like that. Of course we have to make exceptions. We can’t just ban all plastic packaging now. Where would we be then? Who thinks of the milk? Yes, the milk packaging must remain plastic. At least that’s what the milk lobby says. We still need milk in plastic bottles because there are reasons! Milk in plastic is what gives milk this unique taste. Without plastic, less calcium – or something like that. It is nothing new that the federal ministries give up any absurd lobby groups, but the milk lobby is wild! Perhaps the exemptions will tip because of their absurdity. A more climate-friendly Germany would definitely be desirable for all of us.

Participate. Boskop, the Akafös cultural office, has been organizing the “Asian Week” with digital hands-on offers since January 21 and until January 31. All in preparation for the Chinese New Year on February 12th, as the year of the buffalo is just around the corner. The program offers a variety of interactive workshops on Asian culture. There has already been a two-hour online workshop on Chinese dance and traditional Chinese clothing. Last Friday and last Sunday there was also a three-hour online workshop on the subject of “Drawing Manga with Clip Studio Paint” and “Stirred Up: Asia Special” on Saturday. But the hands-on week continues! On Wednesday, January 27th from 6pm on Twitch and Kahoot you can take part in the pub quiz: Asia, on the following Friday (January 29th) from 6pm to 8pm you can take part in an online workshop on “Food and Chinese Traditions” and on Saturday (January 30th) from 12 noon to 1.30pm there is the chance to take part in an online workshop called “Chinese Knot”. You can find more detailed information on participation and access to online offers at

tinyurl.com/asiatischewocherub. So, if you are part of Asian culture, want to exchange your knowledge of Asian culture and put it to the test, or just want to learn and get to know something new, the Asian Week is the right place for you and you should put the dates in the calendar .

Science. A new therapeutic approach by the team from the Department of Cell Physiology at the RUB let paraplegic mice walk again within a few weeks.


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