[ why is dating so hard ]

why is dating so hard : Simply what does your current celebrity warning say concerning your internet dating design and style?

If you’re into a little longer lovemaking, then keep an eye out for a more sensual eater.

He speaks with his mouth full: If after the third time he says “I beg your pardon? I don’t understand you ”don’t switch to crumb-free language, then leave this self-important hectic person sitting alone.

He eats cultured and heed what he eats. In between he will talk to you – after he has eaten his mouth empty, also about the food: This is how it has to be! Not only is he well behaved, he is also a multitasker and can deal with the food AND you. Exemplary!

Emancipation or not: HE pays on the first real date! If he suggests splitting the bill, his feelings for you are more chummy.

If he’s not really making good money, he probably can’t handle money and will pump you more often in the relationship.

He takes a quick, scrutinizing look at the bill and pays for both: a person who basically has trust, but can still keep his belongings together. Careful, but not paranoid – however, he should never give you his gold card for a trip to Gucci.

He pulls out his pen and does the math for each item: Do you want to get through the weekly household bill in the future with such a bean counter? No? I agree!

The tip he gives should be reasonable. If he gives too much, he is very insecure and needs constant confirmation. Does he give very little for no real reason: see bean counter. The man should have noticed whether the service was particularly good or bad and should tip with a brief, polite comment.

If mishaps happen, his meal arrives 30 minutes after yours, the vegetables are overcooked or the table is not vacant, then he is above it. Emotionally mature men do not need to get upset about making endlessly long explanations of justification or even bullying others for it. The man you are looking for laughs at mishaps – they are part of our reality.

He came by public transport: Ask him why: He is either an environmentally conscious, forward-looking planner, or drinks too much in general, or he is embarrassed about his junk mill. It could also be that he wants to keep the end of the evening as flexible and open as possible, and later complains with dog eyes that his last bus is already gone.

He is so drunk that he can no longer drive: Ouch, the first night of love should better fall on another day!

He drives like an executioner or sneaks like a snail: Even in a relationship, creeps rarely have the courage to take the first step and can hardly take responsibility.


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