[ why is dating so hard ]

why is dating so hard : Just what does your own movie star warning declare of your adult dating fashion?

In both cases, you should stand by his side soon and advise him on shopping, he is open to a woman in his life!

He throws his coat / hat / umbrella carelessly on a chair or in the corner: he’ll certainly do that at home too. As a partner, he is relaxed, easy-going and enthusiastic – but a disaster as a roommate – there is a risk of educational work here!

He hangs up his and hers items of clothing accurately, folds the scarf and kneads the things smooth: Quick out of the store – such compulsive men are extremely adamant in relationships.

Such men are able to live and get on well on their own. Ideal for women who want to be a little independent in a relationship!

He notices your Versace dress and says that he wanted to become a designer. Your manolos knock him out: make sure he’s not gay!

White: Men who wear white a lot often have conventional views in love and can be strict and inflexible.

Schwarz: A sensual man with a bit of wildness, exciting but also with a penchant for melancholy and loneliness. But black is often a kind of uniform, e.g. in the advertising industry. Uniform wearers tend to be conformist and insecure.

Braun: An earthy, also sensual guy who has both feet firmly on the ground. Solid, with inner values ​​and a love of nature. A reliable partner.

Red: a fascinating, spirited contemporary, sometimes aggressive and quick-tempered. Very passionate, unfortunately not only towards you, but also towards rivals.

Purple: Profound, sensitive and creative men like to wear purple. When art is not more important to you than your wife, you respond strongly to her emotional needs.

Green: The color of nature – and that of the guys who like to hitchhike through Patagonia with a backpack. If he takes you with him, then adventure and romance are guaranteed and boredom is a foreign word!

Yellow: A reliable partner who has good intentions and who goes through with them. More often also spiritual people with respect for responsibilities and relationships.

Oysters, lychees, asparagus: a haptic eater without fear of embarrassing yourself. Probably a sensual lover who likes to leave the lights on and enjoy every side of you.

Down-to-earth mom dishes: an agreeable contemporary with no airs – he likes the company of women. Make sure he tries your fish though – if he rejects anything you don’t know, run away if you don’t want to share Maggi bag soup with him for the rest of your life.

A hearty steak: a whole man who is just waiting for a female hand to seduce him into more refined pleasures.

He is a vegetarian: this man is health conscious and responsible. But be careful – because of the sheer listening in-the-body, he also tends to mistake a cold for the dangerous bird flu virus – hypochondriac alarm!

He swallows everything without a break: If you reach orgasm within 40 seconds, it is no problem for you to have him as a lover.


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