[ why is dating so hard ]

why is dating so hard : Just what does your current celebrity warning claim relating to your dating fashion?

You want to finally get closer to this great woman at the meeting and are now looking for the best films for a date with the “smooch factor”?

Because I can tell you this much: A cozy movie night at home is definitely the better option than that typical dating in the cinema.

On the sofa at home under the wool blanket, with the infamous “Netflix and Chill”, you are finally undisturbed and can get closer romantically until you kiss.

But what are good films for a first or second date so that the woman falls in love with you and ends up smooching in the bedroom?

In this article I’ll tell you the best ideas and tips – as well as typical faux pas that you should absolutely avoid at movie night!

Before I present the specific film ideas to you, we first have to take a look at which genres are perfect for your cozy get-together – and which you should better avoid.

Remember: A movie on a date always has the psychological purpose of male singles to put women in a positive emotional state.

This good feeling will then connect her to you, so that she feels love, or at least a fiery tingling stomach (which not only has to do with the chili nachos that you are eating).

I beg your pardon? Aren’t romance films the kind of pussies that women instantly fall in love with and want a relationship?

No, a misconception that almost every man falls for. Especially if you are a great romantic.

Of course, the ladies like romance. And also for eroticism, as we have known since “Fifty Shades of Gray” at the latest.

But when overly cheesy scenes with candlelight dinners, confessions of love and bouquets of roses flicker across the screen on the first date, an embarrassing and cramped mood quickly emerges.

The woman will think that you want to get her around with a cheap scam and also hope for great love from her, as in this film …

Then she will wait anxiously for you to take out the engagement rings or the SM whip at any moment.

The sappy romantic, love and erotic movies thus build up a huge pressure of expectation among singles, which kills every mood!

I said above that emotions are good for your movies on a date. But I don’t mean sadness!

So please don’t put in any sentimental dramas where the main character at the end of the film sits lonely and bitter in the small rented apartment or tragically dies of cancer!

If you’ve ever seen a woman crying next to you on the sofa in the evening in a handkerchief and would like to go home straight away, you know what I mean.


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