[ why is dating so hard ]

why is dating so hard : Exactly what does your current legend warning point out regarding online dating type?

“Economic theory gives us an important insight,” says the teacher. “It is imperative to thoroughly research what consumers want. You should also apply this principle when looking for a rich man. On the first date, the basic rule is: never talk about yourself. Listen to him. Finds him fascinating. Find out his wishes. Study his hobbies. And then change accordingly. “

Academy for gold diggers. A crowd of serious blondes is carefully taking notes. Finding a sugar daddy is an art, a calling. The academy has faux marble hallways, tall mirrors and ornaments painted with gold paint. Right next door are a wellness area and a beauty salon. After the Gold Digger lesson, it’s off to waxing and the solarium. The teacher is a redhead in her forties with a degree in psychology and business administration, a shrill smile and a bright, affected voice: “Never wear jewelry on your first date, the man should think you are poor. Makes him want to buy jewelry for you. Comes in a rickety car so he might want to buy you a fancier car. “

The students write down everything diligently. You paid $ 1,000 per week of course. In Moscow and Saint Petersburg there are dozens of such “academies” with names like “Geisha School” or “The Path to a Thoroughbred Woman”. “I want a man who can stand firmly on both feet. Where I feel safe, like behind a stone wall, ”says Oliona. She recently completed the course and uses the parallel language of the Gold Diggers (she actually thinks she wants a man with money). The gold digger way of life has become one of Russia’s most beloved myths. Bookstores are piling up self-help books with tips for young women on how to catch a millionaire. Oliona lives in a tiny, brand new apartment with her nervous little dog. The tenement house is on one of the main streets that lead to the noble suburb Rublevka. Rich men put their loved ones there so they can stop by for a quick pop on the way home.

Oliona originally comes from the Donets Basin, the Ukrainian part of the coal region that was taken over by mafia bosses in the 1990s. Her mother was a hairdresser. Oliona learned the same trade, but her mother’s small hairdresser went bankrupt. As a 20-year-old, Oliona came to Moscow almost penniless and started working as a stripper in one of the casinos. She danced well, and that’s how she met her sugar daddy. Now she receives the minimum wage of a Moscow lover: an apartment, a car and a one-week vacation in Egypt or Turkey twice a year.


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