[ why is dating so hard ]

why is dating so hard : Exactly what does ones superstar hint state of your internet dating fashion?

But isn’t that better than being lonely? And how do virtual sex work, VR glasses when watching porn and very tenderly, hard, and honestly asked: What exactly is the difference between a machine and us humans with our brains as biocomputers? (Spoiler: Captain Future’s eyebrows also play a not insignificant role). So sit down with us virtually on the summer balcony and feel the electrifying effect of this new podcast episode of Friendship Plus!

Most couples keep secrets from each other – the longer two people are together, the more they become, say couple therapists. But is that so bad? Or does it light up the couple’s everyday life, where otherwise not even a lantern fish would bring a glow into the darkness (spoiler: the lantern fish could become Christin’s new power animal). Corinna & Christin find out when a secret becomes a lie, why it is not always an honor for the other to be initiated and what role going to the toilet play (spoiler: Corinna plays a solo entertainer) And of course the beloved Otterwitz must not be missing this time either !

Sometimes it just happens. And sometimes it never happens. What unhappiness means for some is a conscious decision for others. But no matter whether with or without a child, society believes that it has to have an opinion on every variant! Corinna & Christin talk about Tore (l) usspanik (spoiler: Eselsbrückengurus in da House), the moment of decision, and whether a child really has to give “life a meaning” first? Small P.s .: This episode was recorded with three people.

Parties where anyone could go with anyone if they both want. It’s about lust, boundaries and breaking stereotypes. And about porn as a flip book! The actor Philip Butz dives with us into the world of sex positive parties and talks about his experiences with his girlfriend while promoting his paperporns (flip books). You will learn what it feels like to watch authentic porn with lots of others, how to dress for a sex positive party (spoiler: it is worth looking at the giraffe in Madascar again) and why we should urgently dust our little head drawers. So come with us on the journey called sex.

Why do we find one super attractive and the other not at all? What attributes does a man or a woman need to be really attractive? And doesn’t what we find attractive say more about ourselves than about the person we find exciting? Or is that all just superficial evaluation anyway? Spoiler: Corinna should always walk around with a bathtub underneath her and Christin’s humor is a double-edged sword.

There are people who fall in love with things, sleep with them and have a relationship with them. But what does that look like ?! Is there jealousy? And why is there a piano in Corinna & Christin’s podcast studio (Spoiler: Nobody can separate good friends – except talent.)


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