The Downside of Working in London

I love working for London escorts like, but I will admit that it can be hard work to work in London. For most people outside of London, there may not seem like there a re any downsides to working in London but there certainly can be. First of all London is very crowded. It is expensive to live in London and you may end up sharing a place with somebody. Limited personal space can certainly be one of the down sides of living and working in London.

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Stress is another thing. People in London are rather aggressive and will not think anything of shoving past you in the Underground station. I think that travelling to and from London escorts is one of the most stressful things that I do on a daily basis. There is no way that I can say that I really enjoy using public transport around London at all. Normally when I get off the Underground or the bus, I am completely harassed and may even feel a little bit tired.

Does working in London make you tired? Lots of the girls here at London escorts say that working in London makes them tired. I would have to agree with that. But pinning down what makes you tired when working in London is not that easy. Most of the time I put in down to air pollution. The air quality in London is really bad. But then again, I don’t think that crowds of people help neither. They sort of make you walk a lot faster and you seem to live faster. It is kind of hard to describe.

Also I am pretty sure that you don’t eat so well when you work in London. Eating out is not cheap and most people go for fast food restaurants and stuff like that. I try to shop as healthily as I can and often shop at places like Holland and Barrett. Most supermarkets do have healthy food but they do stress me out at the same time. You are forever standing in line and finding what your need is not that easy. There are day when people even seem to compete for food. I like to buy my dinner on my way home from London escorts, but the shops can get packed.

It is not all bad news about living in London, but I think that it takes some getting used. When I moved to London, I thought it would be easy living but it is not. Working for London escorts is a good for London and it pays well. Finding a good job is part of the solution of enjoying life in London. I did not find my dream job straight away. It actually took me a little while, but now I am enjoying working in London much more than I did at the start. I am not saying that I am going to stay here forever, but for the time being, it is working out for me.

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