Is there anything which is as fun as sex?

Sex is simply my life, and I love everything around sex and porn. It has always been this way, and I have kind of made sex and porn my career. Luckily for me, my parents are okay about it and don’t have a problem with me working in adult entertainment. My dad’s company has dealt with porn publications since I was a little girl and now he covers the entire spectrum of adult entertainment. My mum used to be an elite escort, and does not have a problem with me working for Sutton escorts.

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When I came of age, I thought that I would be happy to do just escorting. My mum had talked about it so much that it came naturally to me when I started to work at Sutton escorts. But my mum also said that you can get bored escorting. Being a young girl, I could not imagine anything more exciting than being a gentleman’s companion, but I should have listened. I did get a little bored after a year or so. When I thought about it, I realised my mum had the right idea.

Things were a bit different when my mum worked as an escort, and a lot has changed now. But most escorts come from a background of adult entertainment. I realised that their careers sort of kept them fresh, and it was not long before I checked out what alternatives were available outside of Sutton escorts. My mum suggested that I do a little bit of modeling and perhaps a bit of stripping as well. I thought that I would not be able to squeeze it in, but I did.

It did not take me long to realise that it kept me fresh going between different jobs. I felt really sexy all of the time, and I think that helped me to act sexier at Sutton escorts. Instead of working for escort agency in Sutton full time, I started to work for the agency on a part time basis. It was just as much fun and I loved. The gents who I hooked with at Sutton escorts were kind of impressed that I was both a stripper and erotic model. They bragged about it, and it helped my career at Sutton escorts no end.

My boss at the agency had been a bit angry when I decided to go part time, but now he was as happy as as Larry. He realised that my earnings wer going up and more than anything, gents were sort of lining up to date. I had become Sutton escorts first elite escorts and I had more sexy fun than ever. Sure, I really had to dedicate myself to what I did, but I loved it. However, I met my match. His name was Andy, and we met in a local pub. I fell madly in love and gave up my sexy careers as I liked to call them. Today, I am married to Andy, but guess what, he is the kind of guy that you can have tons of sexy fun with and he is great in bed.

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