He does not always make me climax

My boyfriend does not always make me climax. We have been together now for almost a year and during that time my boyfriend has found it hard to make me climax when we are together. I am sure that many girls are in the same situation. Like I say to my girlfriends at charlotteaction.org Islington escorts, I refuse to fake it. A lot of girls do and I am not sure that it is a good thing at all. Faking makes it worse and I am not sure that all women do really appreciate that at all. I think that we need to be honest about our sex lives, but not all women are brave enough to be so.

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Nick, my boyfriend, does have a lot of good attributes. He does not mind playing with sex toys to keep me happy, but at the same time I can sense that it is a struggle for him. He says that he feels a failure and I can understand that. The problem is that he gets too excited too quickly and then it is all over. My girlfriends at Islington escorts know that I have tried everything from sexy lingerie to no lingerie. I have even tried wearing old t-shirts in bed and that did not work neither.


I have said to my boyfriend that he really needs to do something about it. He says that sometimes during the day, he spends time watching pornos and reading adult magazines. By the time I get home he is just too excited. I have told him to lay off the pornos and the magazines but he says that he is addicted to them. Am I going out with a sex addict? Many of my girlfriends at Islington escorts think that he is a sex addict because he is so much into porn. I really do know because I have never met a sex addict, but I think that he might be.


In many ways I do like him and want to be with him. He spoils me rotten and does not have a problem with me working for Islington escorts. All of my previous boyfriends have had a real problem with that and I must admit that it is nice to have a boyfriend who is okay about it. I would love for us to sort our problems out but I am not sure that is ever going to happen. He really needs to deal with his sex fixation and makes sure that he can stay away from his fantasy world of porn.


Do we have too much porn in our society? I am honestly beginning to think that we do. A lot of the guys that I date at islington escorts seem to be really interested in porn. When I first joined Islington escorts not so many guys read adult magazines and watched pornos. It seems to be a lot worse now and I think it depends on the fact that you can get all of this in digital format. It is just everywhere and so many adverts are porngraphic as well. There is little wonder that people are beginning to have sex at younger age. I think it is time that we perhaps cleaned up our act a little bit.

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