Have you ever loved and lost?




When I was young, I never used to worry so much about boyfriends. They seem to come and go out of my life, and did not matter so much. As I have got older, I often think back about some of the relationships that I had in my life. Okay during my time with West Ham escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/west-ham-escorts, I was not really able to enjoy so many relationships but there was one guy that I often thought about. He was my first love and we met when I was nine years old. His parents moved into the house next to us and we spent a couple of summers together.


Eventually we moved away but Steve and I used to meet up. Sometimes in happened by accident, and other times, we did actually get in touch with other. It was kind of a strange relationship, I used to be able to sense him and he seemed to sense me. We never really talked about but I think that we knew that something was going. I mentioned it to one of my friends here at West Ham escorts, and she says it sounds like we were meant to be soul mates.


Recently as I was walking down a busy street in London, I thought that I felt him. It was like a spirit brushed past me as I was rushing along. I had to stop for a few minutes and catch my breath. I kept looking around but I could not see him anywhere. When I got into West Ham escorts, I felt a strong urge to Google his name online. Believe it or not, it came up and it turned out that he was working in the City of London.


As I sat there looking at his image, I wondered what had happened in his life. He seemed to be smiling contently at me, and there was something about it. My first date was just about to arrive at West Ham escorts, but I did not really feel with it somehow. Instead I just wanted to email Steve and say that I was in London as well. The day flew past and for some reason or another, I never got around to getting in touch with Steve. The next couple of weeks were mad, and Steve slipped from my mind entirely.


Well, I am in my late 40’s now, and I am not any longer at West Ham escorts. I sort of feel that I have missed out on something in my life but I don’t know what it is. I am not really sure that I am really happy but I am content. Like a lot of other girls who work for escort agencies, I have never married, but it does not matter. But something strange happened the other day. I was in the park sitting on a bench watching my little dog run around when a man came to sit next to me. He smiled and said hello using my name. I looked up and there was Steve. A couple of hours later, we emerged from a coffee shop and realised that we still had a lot to talk about even though we had been talking for hours.



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