Finding Love After Divorce

Sara decided to end her 20-year marriage after spending years justifying Robert’s rough treatment of her. Knowing that she deserved better, Sara endured months of torment and verbal abuse as their divorce moved though the legal process. Finally, her paperwork was delivered, and she was free of Robert and his cruel treatment of her.

One day while sitting at home bored, Sara decided to sign up for an online dating service. Not one to frequent bars, and also not being in her 20’s, Sara thought this might be a good way to meet people with similar interests. After signing up it took a couple of months to figure out how this new form of dating worked; it is amazing how many individuals are out there just looking for sex alone. Many of the men she met after first signing up were only after sexual pleasure, and not interested at all in Sara’s life, goals, or accomplishments. At first the casual sex was fun; she was able to make up for lost time, experiencing every dick size imaginable. Unfortunately, after a while even that became mundane. Let’s face it, if all a girl wants is a hard dick she can buy one from the nearest sex shop.

Sara had all but given up on dating when one day she clicked into her online dating email and saw a picture of Paul. He had just returned from enlisted life overseas and was looking for “some fun and adventure with the right partner.” He was extremely attractive, with piercing green eyes. Normally Sara would just click past this one; he was simply too good looking to be anything other than just great sex. But there was something in his eyes than made Sara click into that email and respond.

Sara waited for Paul nervously, wondering if this was just going to be another night of dinner followed by great sex, and nothing else. When Sara answered the door Paul was standing there with a nervous grin, and a lovely bouquet of purple flowers, her favorite color. “I remember you said you liked purple”, Paul said upon entering her apartment. They had agreed previously to have dinner in the restaurant located in Sara’s building, but when they proceeded downstairs they discovered the restaurant was closed for a special event. Sara decided to ask Paul back upstairs for some home cooking, which he was grateful for since most of his recent meals had been served in a big tent.

As Sara and Paul talked, they both discovered they had much in common and what was expected to be just another meaningless one-night stand turned into something wonderful and lasting. can help to find the right person for you.

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