Are sex toys becoming too “gadgety”?

I am beginning to think that sex toys are becoming a bit too gadgety. Last weekend I went shopping with a couple of the girls from Earls Court. It was great weather and we were in the mood for shopping. Some of the girls wanted to get some new lingerie and others wanted to get some new sex toys. So, we hit the streets of London and started to check out what is available. Of course, the best place in London to buy sex toys is Soho.

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Even though Anne Summers have got a good range of quality sex toys, I prefer to buy my sex toys in Soho. It does not matter what you say, Soho in London has still hot the best range of sex shops. Most of the Earls Court that I know, shop in Soho still when it comes to sex toys. Anyway, we had our little shopping list of all of the sex toys that we needed and off we went to spend our hard earned cash on all of the latest sex toys.

One of the girls from Earls Court wanted to buy a couple of pair of nipple clamps. She wears hers a lot and in the end she gets bored with them. That does not mean that she throws them away. Most of the time she will save them, but she likes investing in new nipple clamps every couple of months or so. This time she fancied something different and she checked out a pair of nipple clamps that actually vibrated. Looking at the clamps, they did look very sexy but they were a bit weird. It turned out that they came with an app they would let our partner control them.

One of the other Earls Court wanted to buy a new vibrator. There were tons of them available, but the guy in the store gave us this really hard sell on a vibrator with an app. This vibrator could even be controlled from a phone. I am sure that some people would get turned on by that, but it was not for my friend at all. As a matter of fact, I think that it turned her off a lot and she bought something else instead.

When I came back to my Earls Court boudoir later that evening. I really had to sit down and ask myself if all of this is necessary. Yes, I know that we are a lot more advanced these days, but does everything need to have an app. We are just so gadgety. I used to love doing jig saws, but now, you can mainly get puzzles o jig saws on apps. It is okay, but there is something very satisfying sitting down and puzzling with a friend. You get a chance to have a chat and have a nice cup of coffee. I just love that. Too much technology cannot be good for us, and at the moment, I think that we have more than enough gadgets in our daily lives.

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